Custom Art

Giantess Fatale provides Custom Request services in hand made original Artwork. This is a unique opportunity to have your own personal Evil Giantess fantasies turned into Illustrations made by professional artists.
Typically, Drawings and Paintings have one single panel per page or canvas, while Comics have up to 5 panels per page and can have several pages making up a story.

Step 1: Submit a web form with your request details.

  • E-Mail: If you're logged in this should be pre-filled for you. Otherwise please type your e-mail address here.
  • Title: This is optional, in case you wish your Custom Art to have a specific title. If left blank, we'll create a title for you.
  • Layout: Describe here your Custom Artwork general composition: Characters, environments and narrative (if any).
  • Attachment: This is optional, in case you wish to attach a document or an image as visual reference.
  • Ream: Number of canvas or pages in your Art Request. This is the same value you will add in the "Quantity" field, in Step 2.
  • Submit: Click the Submit button and a form will be sent with all the details you added above.

Step 2: Select pricing options and proceed to Checkout.

  • Artwork Style: $150 per Drawing/Comics page or $350 per Painting canvas.
  • Exclusiveness: If you don't want your Artwork in our stores or members area, this will have an additional cost of $100 per canvas.
  • Quantity: Number of canvas or pages in your Art Request. This is the same value you added in the filed "Panels", in Step 1.
  • Add to Cart: Complete your checkout process by clicking this button.

Price Per Canvas: As explained above, prices are defined per canvas. Canvas is either the Drawings/Comics page or a Painting canvas. You must specify the number of canvas or pages in your request, using the "quantity" field below, before proceeding to checkout.

Drawings Page: A4 (2480 x 3508 Pixels @ 300 dpi)
Paintings Canvas: 30" x 40" (oil or acrylic)

As soon as you submit your order, the artwork will be queued for production. Once finished a download link will be provided by email. Shipping is included for Paintings.

Files must be less than 3 MB.
Allowed file types: gif jpg png txt rtf pdf doc docx odt ods.
Price: $150.00