Giantess Fatale makes every effort to supply you with the products/services you order, but there may be rare occasions when Giantess Fatale confirms orders but learns that it cannot supply the ordered products/services, either at all or in the expected timeframe.

This can happen when a product or service has been discontinued(1) or is out of stock(2).

However this is highly unlikely to ever happen, considering the nature of ou products and services (media files). Most content is digital like videos, images or documents. Even when they are in tangible media like DVD or Blu-Ray Discs or even Printed Photos, Illustrations or Documents... They can easily be reproduced in useful time, from their digital versions, restoring the stock.

Unavailable Products

(1): Discontinued products are usually removed from the Store, but it may happen that an order is placed before the store has been updated on the unavailability of a certain product/service. In such circumstances, Giantess Fatale will contact you to inform you and, if you are interested, Giantess Fatale may suggest alternative products that might meet your needs. If you do not wish to order alternative products, Giantess Fatale will cancel your order, and will refund your purchase price for those products or services.

(2): Out of stock products will only affect the delivery timeframe, which will suffer a delay. In such circumstances, Giantess Fatale will contact you to inform you of the expected delay.