The Grape Men

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A pizza delivery guy (Mini Mister, who else) shows up at Syllua's door to deliver a strange box, that instead of a pizza, has an unknown content that seems to be making "tiny screams".

This was a secret package from her sorceress friends, containing men that have been shrunken and turned into grapes. Now the delivery boy knows a bit too much for his own good. He will have to be turned into a grape too, to prevent him from exposing this secret experiment.

The Grape Men
The Grape Men

Under the shrinking and transforming ray fired from Syllua's finger, the delivery boy is turned into a tiny grape that can do little more than scream and feel everything that happens to him... But is totally unable to move.

He cries for help but in vain, as nobody is able to hear him. He is now forever doomed to be at Syllua's mercy and... Of course we all know she has none. In terror he wonders what kind of fate she has in store for him.

Syllua raises her foot very slowly. The now Grape Man watches in absolute terror, yet totally unable to run or hide. He begs for mercy but Syllua keeps slowly raising her foot as the poor guy watches he menacing shoe sole above his "head".

Syllua hears his pleading with cruel glee. Nothing amuses her more than feeling the fear of her victims. It's not for nothing that she and her sorceress friends have been developing this spell.

The Grape Men
The Grape Men

Syllua heavily lowers her gigantic foot upon him. With a loud stomp the poor guy gets squished against her carpet. She then sadistically enjoys grinding his pitiful remains under her foot, for a long while. We can hear the grinding sounds of his poor body being turned into a pulp.

Syllua then continues the torture by smothering him under her heel. Splintering bones can be heard as he groans in agony.

Then she calmly sits down on the sofa as she opens her package. Inside the box, she finds several grapes and picks the first one up. The poor grape still bears the living consciousness of the men that they once were so this poor guy screams in horror as she begs to be spared.

Syllua gives him a tender goodby kiss and torments him in her hand for a while before effortlessly crushing him with her fingers. Juice runs down her forearm, like blood of a tiny victim.

The Grape Men
The Grape Men

Syllua then proceeds to crush four more Grape Men, one by one. She first teases some of them in her hands, legs and lips, finally putting an end to their misery under her shoes or pantyhosed barefeet.

This video has no SFX, apart from the initial shrinking scene. But you get to see all the crush scenes from three perspectives: Close Up, POV and Wide Shot. The crush scenes are really long and detailed. You also get a festival of sound effects.

The End

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