The Astronaut

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This is a very unique video in the sense that the shrunken star is not a person, but a shrunken car. Rich in audio effects and some visual tricks, this video lacks the typical SFX "Mini Mister" character.

Simon is an Astronaut returning from a mission to Mars. Syllua is his girlfriend and she's impatiently waiting for him to return home that evening. She phones her friend Kelly to share the good news of his return.

At the same time we can see Simon's car as he approaches home.

The Oedipal Shrinking Man
The Oedipal Shrinking Man

Still on the phone, Syllua comes outside to see if Simon is arriving. As she is talking with Kelly, a coming call interrupts their chat. It's Simon... And in a very disturbed tone he tells her about the fact that he was exposed to some radiation in Mars, which caused both him and his car to shrink.

At first Syllua finds this very hard to believe but suddenly she realizes that simon and his car have in fact arrived home already... And are right at her feet.

At first Syllua is very puzzled and in shock by this whole situation... With mixed feelings about all this, her first reaction is to step on the car to crush it. But being a creatively kinky girl, she gives it a second thought and she doesn't take long to realize the potential use of Simon and his car, as toys.

She picks the car up with Simon in its interior and brings it inside the house, away from the public eye.

The Oedipal Shrinking Man
The Oedipal Shrinking Man

Once inside, she puts the car down and Simon can hear the thundering sounds of her feet tapping on the floor. Syllua is pondering on the playful possibilities she can choose from.
She then picks the car up again and looks Simon menacingly, who is already terrified by the dangerous height he's hanging above from...

As Simon pleads Syllua to put him on the ground once again, she pretends not to be able to listen to his squealing voice...

Finally, Syllua agrees to put him down but... This time on top of the living room table... The menacing look in her eyes doesn't allow Simon to forecast a very safe near future in her hands.

She plays with him pushing his car around and crashing it against the furniture. Then she gets really kinky and starts to tease Simon by hiding his car under her skirt, when he desires so much to be, after such a long time alone in space.

Finally she plays with him and his car on the floor, driving it around her elegant legs... Simon is starting to enjoy his new life.

The Oedipal Shrinking Man
The Oedipal Shrinking Man

However... Just as the sun sets in the West, Syllua's initial enthusiasm starts fading away. She gets up and takes Simon with her to the couch, where she drives his car around her legs and lap... But after a while she gets really bored and decides to check her hair and makeup, almost forgetting about Simon.

When she returns to the couch she nearly crushes Simon under her massive butt. But Simon's shriek of terror prevents utter tragedy in the last moment. She feels sorry for him so she takes him upstairs to her living room. Syllua climbs the stairs with Simon in his car . We wonder how long he will last in her hands...

The End

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