Size Gap

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Syllua is a scientist who returns home totally unaware of the fact that her husband (Mini Mister), accidentaly found a small bottle of the shrinking formula she's secretely developing and mistaking it for perfume, tried it and shrunk to 2 inches tall.

Hesitating between calling her attention for help or avoiding her in fear of getting crushed or punished... Mini Mister runs to the library.

The Oedipal Shrinking Man
The Oedipal Shrinking Man

Inside the Library, Syllua walks by Mini Mister totally unaware of his presence and almost trampling him to death under her feet. He barely escapes...

Then Syllua starts some reading for her research. She takes a book from the Shelf and once again fails to notice Mini Mister waving and calling her. But after a short while he gets scared of her size and decides it's safer to run away from there.
Syllua goes back to her desk to read the book... And Mini Mister follows her and sneaks under the desk.

Once under the desk, Mini Mister becomes mesmerized by the size and power of Syllua's sexy feet. She plays with her shoes, dangling them from her feet and dropping them, almost crushing Mini Mister under them. She then rubs her feet in hose, against each other.

Syllua then goes to her living room for a relaxing whisky... Looking at her phone, she doesn't notice Mini Mister inside the closet where she keeps her glasses.

The Oedipal Shrinking Man
The Oedipal Shrinking Man

In a desperate attempt to get noticed, Mini Mister hangs on to Syllua's shoe, when she's relaxing coross legged, enjoying her drink. He tries to climb up his wife's leg... But she finally notices him. Mini Mister looses his grip and drops to the floor.

After Syllua overcomes the initial shock, suprises turns into curiosity... And she peaks Mini Mister up from the floor. She doesn't take long to realize what has happened... Her secret research has been discovered.

Dangling from Syllua's fingers, Mini Mister is terrified of the height and keeps justifying himself for having mistaken Syllua's shrinking potion, for some perfume.

However, Syllua doesn't seem interested in his explanations and slowly starts to become interested in the unfolding possibilities that such a Size Gap provides.

Syllua let's Mini Mister try to escape the palm of her hand, in vain... And then clenches her fist around him.

The Oedipal Shrinking Man
The Oedipal Shrinking Man

Syllua decides to tease Mini Mister bringing him towards her open mouth, as if she's going to devour him. In horror, he wraps himself to avoid her teeth.

Fed up of listening to Mini Mister's pleading, she finally decides to trap him in her belt, like an adornment, and she leaves the room ignoring Mini Mister's cries for help. What will happen to Mini Mister, now that he knows too much for his own safety?..

The End

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