POV- Crush

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This video was a custom request produced in 2005. It became a Giantess Fatale classic best seller for a long time despite it's simplicity and naive style.

The video starts with Syllua entering a room, seen from floor level Point Of View. We see her steps advancing in slow motion towards the observer, causing the ground to shake with a thundering sound. There is also a myst on the ground, adding to a gloomy ambience.

The Oedipal Shrinking Man
The Oedipal Shrinking Man

Next, Syllua stops in front of the observer and starts tapping her foot with a menacing yet expression-less face.

The ground shakes with every thundering tapping of her foot. You see her from below, feeling overwhelmed by her height and terrorized by her presence.

We also see her foot tapping the floor, from behind her heel.

From behind her... Your eyes will now follow her humongous body upwards, inspecting every inch of her curvaceous silhouette.

You see in great details her calfs, her thigh muscles, her buttocks, her waist and back up to her shoulders, as she continues to tap her foot heavily against the ground... Making the whole house shake.
The Oedipal Shrinking Man
The Oedipal Shrinking Man

After a while, Syllua looses interest in you and goes away. Or so it seems... But then, after walking away for a bit, she starts turning around and coming back at you. She's playing with your mind...

You thought you were safe as you saw her disappear in the myst... But now you're starting to fear for your life once again.

She stops in front of you, tapping her foot again but, this time she approaches her foot to your tiny face. You think she might kick you or stomp you but... She teasingly wiggles her toes, to exhibit her sexy yet powerful weapons of mass destruction - Her lethal feet.

We also see her doing that from above. so we basically get both the tiny man's Point Of View as well as Syllua's Point Of View, from the action.

The Oedipal Shrinking Man
The Oedipal Shrinking Man

You then look up in the distance and see her gigantic beautiful face. She's smiling at you... for a few seconds, just before becoming expression-less once again.

Contempt and indifference is what you get from her eyes... As she starts to raise her foot above your head. For a moment it hovers above your head and you still hope she won't crush you. But finally it descends upon you, sealing your fate. You release one last agonizing scream...

The End.

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