The Oedipal Shrinking Man

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Giantess Deeane is an Italian-American mother of Giacomo, a perverted son with Oedipus Complex (attraction for his mom). Deeane catches him spying on her, while she's sleeping on her bed in underwear. Pretending to be very upset and disappointed, she drives him out of her bedroom. However, secretely she loves to humiliate him and taunt his perverted oedipal complexes, as well as his underdeveloped penis.

The Oedipal Shrinking Man
The Oedipal Shrinking Man

To make it worse, before going out, she comes up with a shrinking potion inside a normal bottle of water and she lures him to drink it...
This will cause him to shrink a bit, every time he has an erotic thought about her. Throughout the movie, Deeane keeps making fun of his tiny cock and his ineptitude with women. She reminds him of how much girls would mock him and how humiliating it was for her to pay a doctor to convince him that his penis was average size.

When Deeane returns home after an amusing night out, she finds Giacomo already a bit shrunken.

She realizes he is now taller than him despite having taken her shoes off. She humiliates him by telling him she's now taller and stronger than him... And how easily she could break his arm if he tried to stop her from shrinking him.

The Oedipal Shrinking Man
The Oedipal Shrinking Man

Some time later, in her bedroom she finds Giacomo getting even smaller than before. She taunts him verbally, in Italian... Saying how adequate his new height is for his penis size. Deeane also teases him for the fact that he is now at her breasts level and she repeatedly hits him with her breasts in his eyes.

She reminds him of how easy he is to play with, now that he's like a midget... And shrinking to the size of his cock. After some more verbal abuse, Deeane goes to rest in the living room.

Frustrated with his humiliation and helplesness, Giacomino even thinks of stabbing his own mother in her sleep, to make the whole madness end.
When Deeane feels him approaching the couch, without opening her eyes, she tells him to massage her bare feet. To which he can't resist and complies... But suddenly she notices the dagger in his hand. She's now mad at him and dares him to face her like a man. But... He's now at her navel's height.

She then goes get her secret diary that she found and taunts him further about his fantasies that she can read about there. Including... Being shrunken.

The Oedipal Shrinking Man
The Oedipal Shrinking Man

Finally... Later some time, Deeane decides to prevent him from escaping out of the house and asking for help. She takes the key from the door and tells him that it's easier for her foot to pass over his head than for him to pass over her body, to go outside.

Poor Giacomo is now at her butt level. She teases him by hitting him repeatedly with her ass cheeks, untill he passes out. she then wakes him up by slapping his face... He's smaller than ever... At this point she's had enough of his existence and she decides to fulfill his ultimate fantasy, by eating him alive.

The End

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