The Adventures of Mini Mister - Ep.2

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This video was shot in England in 2006 and it features Lucifiction as an evil sorceress, as well as "M" in a guest appearance as Mini Mister's street punk friend. Mini Mister is a street rufian who is vandalizing a neighborhood of retired people just for fun. At some point he notices an open window at the floor level so, he decides to break in to check if there's something there worth stealing.

His taste for burglary however doesn't match his skill so, from the very start we witness a very clumsy display of robbery attempt, on his behalf... He starts by bumping his head and knees against the narrow window frame and once inside he stumbles and slips on every possible object and furniture.

The Oedipal Shrinking Man
The Oedipal Shrinking Man

Innevitably, Lucifiction notices the noise and comes to check what's going on. Mini Mister hides behind some curatains but leaves his feet out. She pretends not to notice himand leaves the entrance hall but, when Mini Mister approaches the door to the rest of the house, she opens it violently knocking him out.

She traps him under her knee and force feeds a magic shrinking pill into his mouth. The transformation process begins... Mini Mister wriggles on the floor in agonizing pain as all his molecules contract in energy bolts and bursts. Lucifiction rejoices in sadistic glee as she witnesses his demise... She reaches out to catch her shrunken victim.

She picks Mini Mister up from his unshrunken clothes, and drops him inside a glass bowl. He cries in distress for help but no one can hear his tiny squealing voice.

Lucifiction lights up a candle and starts dripping burning wax all over Mini Mister. He desperately runs in circles trying to avoid the burning drips in vain. She even uses the candle flame to burn him. As he starts getting exhausted, the hot wax builds up on his tiny body, paralizing him as it cools down. Tightly covered and sealed in wax, he starts to suffocate... Until she finally releases him in the final moment, dropping him in her cleavage.

The Oedipal Shrinking Man
The Oedipal Shrinking Man

She takes him to another room where she will enjoy torturing him in another way...

Lucifiction tapes Mini Mister to a cactus full of sharp thorns, that painfully pierce his skin. Then she uses her special taser to zapp him repeatdly... She electrocutes him by pinching several of his body parts with the taser... the more he squirms, the more the thorns pierce his skin. His undescribable suffering can only be expressed by his insane screaming. She finally decides to release him, while he's still alive... So she can keepl enjoy torturing him in new different ways.

Lucifiction opens the door to her garden and places him in her cleavage to take him outside.

Using a spoon she digs a hole in the ground, ignoring Mini Mister as he begs for mercy trapped between her breasts. He thinks she's digging a grave because she's gonna kill him first, but he's wrong... She drops him in his grave without killing him first. He struggles to escape his horrific fate... But she quickly covers the hole up, muffling his shrieks of horror underneath the earth. Seeing his taking too long to die, she pierces the earth with her stilettos, hoping to stab him through it. But she misses him... She finally decides to kill him some other way and digs him out of the hole.

The Oedipal Shrinking Man
The Oedipal Shrinking Man

Now inside her kitchen Lucifiction dangles Mini Mister by his tiny arm, close to her face. He can see a cruel smile coming to her giant lips...

She drops him inside her blender. He cries for mercy and begs her not to do that... But indifferent to his pleading she drops a glass of water inside the blender, soaking him wet. She then turns the blender on and we can hear his agonizing screams fading away and mixing with the blender's sound. His mangled remains are swirl around until his reduced to a pulp of blood, flesh and pulverized bones. She then drinks her nourishing shake with a wicked wink at the camera.

The End.

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