The Adventures of Mini Mister - Ep.1

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This video was the turning point in Giantess Fatale video productions and a paradigm shift in Giantess Video Production at large. Still a masterpiece nowadays... With unprecedented SFX, Narrative and Acting values this movie was a total game changer when it was released in back 2006.

Code name "The Secretary" this Mini Mister adventure tells the story of a successful executive who gets lured into a trap by Vicky, his irresistble secretary.
She has invited him for a drink at her place, after a hard working day. They start by watching a movie in her bed but things start spicing up... And soon enough, they are locking lips in a hot making out scene.

The Oedipal Shrinking Man
The Oedipal Shrinking Man

Just when they were getting serious... She interrupts the foreplay and opens a bottle of Champagne to celebrate the moment. She then drops a shrinking pill in Mini Mister's glass, without letting him notice. They make a long toast... And the trap is set.

She then goes to the toilet saying she's gonna take a quick shower. Once there, she starts underessing and stays in her sexy lingerie. Meanwhile time, Mini Mister also undresses hoping to save time for when she returns. Before he realizes what's happening, the shrinking process begins. A sinister myst, and energy wrap him while his squirming body shrinks in agony.

Once shrunken, he realizes it was all a trap... But it's too late. Vicky comes out of the toilet, looking for her prey. Paralized with fear, Mini Mister has no reaction as she picks him up from the floor and drops him on the palm of her hand. She mocks him and blows her breath gently on him, causing him to fall on his back.

Still with Mini Mister on the palm of her hand, she approaches him to her hot steaming mouth and starts licking his tiny body... As if to taste the flavor of her terrified victim. Mini Mister gets covered in her gooey saliva...

The Oedipal Shrinking Man
The Oedipal Shrinking Man

Starting to really enjoy her new toy, she decides to take him where he wanted to be with her - her bed. So she drops him in a very cosy place: Her cleavage... And seats on her bed.

Once there she starts using the body parts Mini Mister wnated to touch, as instruments of torture. First her boobs!.. She smothers him between her breasts, leaving him quite exhausted and dizzy. Next, her hips!.. She traps him in the strap of her thong, squeazing the air out of his lungs.

Vicky then dangles him over her open mouth. She lowers him inside her mouth so he can feel her hot steaming breath as a harbinger of death. She then sucks his tiny body like a lollipop. He's terrified that she may devour him at any moment... But she never does.

Finally her ass!.. She drops him on the bed just behind her behind. He begs for mercy but her decision is not negotiable: She knows the company will need her to replace her boss, in his absence. She seats back and squishes poor Mini Mister under her butt. He's suffocating slowly but resisting a lot so, she bounces her butt back and forth causing his ribcage to collapse as he coughs blood convulsively.

The Oedipal Shrinking Man
The Oedipal Shrinking Man

Once Mini Mister is dead, she gets up, revealing his tiny mangled corpse... She goes to the toilet and brings some toilet paper to wipe his guts and bones from the sheets. She then drops his tiny remains in the toilet, to hide any evidences of her crime... And flushes it down.

She has just cleared the way for a significant rise in her professional carreer...

The End.

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