Gruesome Threesome

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Deeane has been thoroughly studying an ancient book on magic potions and she is testing a shrinking formula, for later using it in her ex-boyfriend... And maybe later in his unbearable mother too.

The book is most interesting and also teaches how to prepare several other types of magic potions... But Deeane is definitely only interested in the Shrinking Potion's potential at the moment.

The Oedipal Shrinking Man
The Oedipal Shrinking Man

She attracted the Postman, the Milkman and the Newspapaer Man inside her house and shrunk them. She doesn't plan to let them leave... At least not alive. They will serve as guinea pigs to test the shrinking formula, so that nothing will fail with her ex-boyfriend.

She invited Gloria for a cup of tea. But she only intends to let her know about her experiments once she's ready to use it on her ex-boyfriend. So, when she hears Gloria ring her bell, she hides the clothes from her poor victims.

But when Gloria comes in she quickly notices something is not right... starting by a shoe Deeane left outside the closet where she's hiding the guys clothes.

Deeane is finally forced to admit she's hiding those three poor shrunken guys in her home. Gloria is totally overwhelmed and thrilled by what Deeane achieved and they both start to realize the potential for a more global male punishment agenda.

The Oedipal Shrinking Man
The Oedipal Shrinking Man

The three tiny guys are sadistically tormented: They start by the Postman and placing him on a table, they blow him away, making him role across the table, back and forth. n vain the poor guy tries to get up... And when they finally let him, they decide to torture him with their cigarettes smoke. The tiny Postman almost gets choked to death as smoke is sensually blown from their lips.

Finally they blow him overboard and off the table, causing him to fall on the floor, where they tease and torment him with her Gloria's clogs and Deeane's bare feet. Finally Deeane finishes him off under the ball of her foot ann smears his guts and members all over the floor.

Next on the list is the Newspaper man. Gloria takes him from the glass bowl where Deeane keeps them captive... And traps him in her cleavage to enjoy his truggles between her breasts. The smothering pressure almosts squuezes the life out of him but just before he passes out, Deeane rescues him... Only to drop him on a soft stool and sit on top of him.

Poor newspaper man squirms in agony under the weight of her massive derriere, while Gloria taunts and humiliates him verbally. He can feel Gloria's warm breath while he looses his. Finally he gets butt-suffocated to death by Deeane, while listening to Gloria's verbal abuse.

The Oedipal Shrinking Man
The Oedipal Shrinking Man

Last but not least, the Milkman is taken from the bowl by Deeane. He pathetically tries to scare her away with some martial arts stunts... But he doesn't stand a chance against her giant hand. She drops him inside her mouth and almost drowns him inside. Then she passes him to Gloria's mouth, where he suffers the same torment.

Finally, just before drowning to death, he is taken out of Gloria's mouth again by Deeane, who drops him in her mouth... And chews him to death before swallowing him.

The End

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