Foot Massage

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When Syllua wants a Foot Massage, She's going to get it one way or another... Mini Mister should have know better not to do a sloppy job!

While sitting on the couch Syllua asks Mini Mister for a Foot Massage, but he does a terrible job since he's too focused watching his favorite team playing Volleyball. Despite her instructions, he just can't get it right... She keeps complaining till he finally looses his temper, insults her and stops massaging her feet.

The Oedipal Shrinking Man
The Oedipal Shrinking Man

She apologises but she's noticeably upset herself. She prepares him his favorite whisky so that he can calm down...

In the kitchen however, she drops a shrinking pill in his drink, without him noticing anything. Syllua returns with his whisky which Mini Mister drinks with pleasure at first... But then starting to feel a bit weird.
Suddenly, the pill starts to make effect and several chain reactions take place while Mini Mister squirms in agony for the molecular transformations taking place in his cells... Untill he finally becomes 2 inches tall.

She will now have a REAL foot massage while she makes Mini Mister suffer under her bare foot. She starts by effortlessly pushing him out of the sofa with her bare foot. He falls from what's a huge height for him, almost getting smashed against the floor. But his tiny size prevents the fall from being fatal.

Syllua lowers her gigantic foot upon him. Mini Mister escapes from under her foot just in time... And begins to rant with her but, Syllua just kicks him away.

The Oedipal Shrinking Man
The Oedipal Shrinking Man

Begging for her life, Mini Mister starts worshipping her feet and kissing them.With relentless contempt for his fawning, she ignores all his worshipping and raising her bare foot over him, she traps the poor guy under her sole. Applying lethal pressure, she smothers him, forcing all the air out of his lungs, as his rib cage collapses under her massive weight. Just before he passes out, she sweeps him back, flying from under her foot and rolling on the floor.

Syllua then continues the torture by smothering him under her heel. Splintering bones can be heard as he groans in agony.

Once again, just before he suffocates to death, she releases the pressure allowing injured Mini Mister to get painfully back on his feet.

But relief lasts shortly, as she immediately gets back at her lethally using poor Mini Mister to forcefully massage her feet. She squeezes him between the arch of her soles, rubbing her feet against each other, with him trapped in between them.

She then lifts her feet in the air, getting Mini Mister terrified from falling to certain death... Now that most his skeleton is already damaged.

The Oedipal Shrinking Man
The Oedipal Shrinking Man

After playing a while she places the scared tiny guy on the floor. Unable to stand up, he falls down, begging her to spare his life.But Syllua is determined to make him suffer and pay for his uselessness and rude attitude. Years of chauvinist abuse will not be forgiven that easily...
She slowly drops her foot on top of him and squeezes his tiny body under the ball of her foot untill his guts burst and his limbs are torn from his torso. With an agonizing shrek of pain he finally dies.

Syllua is now pleased with his foot massage and leaves to relax in her bedroom.

The End

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