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FootSquish: A SFX Clip that features Syllua's foot hovering over Mini Mister and then finally squishing him...

We're watching history here. This short clip dates back to 2004 and has completed it's 10th anniversary. It's was the very first Giantess Video produced by Thanatos, from the time when the Giantess Fatale website was still called "Thanatos GTS". Some of the old timers might still remember that. Wink

The Oedipal Shrinking Man
The Oedipal Shrinking Man

Sweet Topping: A SFX Clip that features a sexy woman's mouth as she devours a bon-bon with shrunken Mini Mister as topping. We can see him unware fo the danger at first and then desperately struggling to get a grip on her slippery full lips, before being swallowed alive.

This short video followed immediately after "FootSquish" in 2004... So it also has completed 10 years of age. It was edited in black & white merely as a simple aesthetic option... The clip is old but not that old. Wink

HeadBanger: Syllua is sitting at her desk when Mini Mister comes and starts threatening her. With an effortless flick of her finger, she just blows his head off his shoulders. Mini Mister drops dead.

Extinguished: Syllua is calmly smoking at her desk when Mini Mister comes and starts threatening to beat her up. She blows some smoke at him and while he's still coughing convulsivly, she extinguishes her cigarette in his tiny body... Extinguishing his life too.

Both these clips were shot back in 2004 like FootSquish and Sweet Topping. They were Thanatos 2nd wave of experiments.

The Oedipal Shrinking Man
The Oedipal Shrinking Man

Fisting: Shot in 2005, this clip features Syllua waving her fan in a Summer afternoon, when Mini Mister shows up from behind her and nudges her in her arm. Surprised at first she soon becomes annoyed by his presence and crushes him with her fist, like a hammer.

This SFX video will be turning 10 years old soon. A true Golden Oldie!..

Drunk: This short yet very effective SFX Clip, features a gothic sexy woman having a vodka shot with a tiny man (Mini Mister, who else) drowning in it. To keep him from surfacing to breathe, she lights the shot on fire, with a match... Poor Mini Mister doesn't know whether to choose death by drowning or burning.

In the end he dies neither way, as the Evil Giantess drinks the Vodka with Mini Mister swimming in it... Swallowing him alive. This video was created in 2005. A must-see from Giantess Fatale anthology.

The Oedipal Shrinking Man
The Oedipal Shrinking Man

BedTime: This SFX Clip features Syllua reading a nice book in her bed. She then decides to smoke a cigarette but after she takes it from the pack, we notice a tiny guy who was hiding inside it, coming out of the pack. When she accidentally notices him, Syllua throws him to the floor where, after kicking him around a bit, she squishes him under her bare foot.

This late 2005 short clip was the first SFX Giantess video with some narrative work, produced at Giantess Fatale.

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