Upcoming Movies

I have been working on several projects at the same time. More pointedly, 10 videos are being producd at the same time:

  • 1: Mini Mister 3 (aka "The Photographer"), featuring Vicky
  • 2: Mini Mister 4 (aka "Phone Contest"), featuring Eden Apocalypse
  • 3: Mini Mister 5 (aka "Blind Date"), featuring Vicky
  • 4: Mini Mister 6 (aka "The Bodyguard"), featuring Ruby
  • 5: Mini Mister 7 (aka "The Model"), featuring Barbie
  • 6: Mini Mister 8 (aka "The Burglar"), featuring Syllua
  • 7: Mini Mister 9 (aka "Woodhenge Nymph"), featuring Darenzia
  • 8: Quantum - Mini Mister Special Edition, featuring Deeane
  • 9: Shrinking Lab - Gentle/Evil Giantess Video featuring Deeane
  • 10: The Ring - Short Shrinking Video featuring Deeane

Like I said, these 10 projects have been shot and are currently undergoing post-production (editing, compositing, audio, etc...) but, they won't necessarily be released in this order. Lets take a look at each of these 10 undergoing projetcs plots and snapshots:

1: THE PHOTOGRAPHER: Featuring Vicky (and 2 alternative endings).

Mini Mister is a photographer with a strong tendency to be a pronographer… He has the nasty habit of trying to get her models to take their clothes off. Today he invited a very sexy model to her studio and he decides to try his luck once more…

His studio is a mess so, he tells the model to go retouch her makeup, while he prepares things for the photo session…

Gorgeous Vicky retouches her makeup. she happens to be a molecular physics scientist who's devloping a formula for molecular contraction. She always carries a sample of the formula as a self defense device…

As the photo session progresses, Mini Mister is getting insanely aroused by the curves of this gorgeous young woman. It's a matter of seconds untill he will try and force her to strip for her camera…

But wait… Something went wrong: She happens to also be a martial arts instructor!.. This isn't Mini Mister's lucky day!

She kicks him in the nuts and punches him in the jaw. She spanks the hell out of this poor photographer… He can't believe what is happening!

Mini Mister flies through the living room, as he gets targeted by her powerful accurated martial skills. aggressive as can be, she runs for her shrinking spray while the photographer is on the ground…

The next thing he knows, he has been shrunken to about 2 inches tall, and she starts tormenting him inside her smelly sweated shoes… He pleads for her to take him out of there!

After a while, she goes for the butt smother manoeuver. Mini mister struggles so much that healmost escapes from underneath her. This only arouses her more, bringing his struggles closer to her labia…

We now come to alternative death #1: Mini Mister is dangled above her threatening killer eyes. The emminence of watching her mouth open is breathtaking…

Finally, she lowers him right inside her open mouth, and Mini Mister gets engulfed to certain death, wrapped by the scent of her warm breath, which will be the last air he will breath before dying inside her…

This brings us to alternative death #2: Very slowly, Vicky the model lowers her foot sole on Mini Mister, who shreeks in pain as each of his tiny bones snaps one by one… Under the weight of this unforgiving woman.

Like a grape, his torso pops in a gory burst. Blood flows from every orifice and wound, in his smeared body…

As she lifts her foot, his bloody remains can be seen dripping from underneath her sole. Mini Mister is definitely dead. He has paid for all the girls he has harrassed in his studio.

2: THE PHONE CONTEST: A Featuring CorpseKitten.

Mini Mister receives a call from the phones company about a strange contest. It's a fake: The call comes from someone else, but he doesn't suspect a thing. He is prompted to spell a word in a strange language… Once he does he is teleported from his home into the sinister home of a wicked witch. This is how this witch kidnaps her victims…

Mini Mister finds himself suddenly hovering over her bed, as he materializes at her place, falling on her bed as the materialization process completes.

She's a sadistic witch who enjoys testing her spells, potions and poisons on unaware random victims… Once abducted to her home, Mini Mister gets tied to her bed and tortured mercilessly.

She announces him her plans: She intends to torment him for as long as it will take him to die... And she intends to make it last. She thrives on her victims suffering!

She tramples and smothers him under her weight, and suffocates hand-over-mouth maneuvers.

It was funny to realize how much CorpseKitten(formerly known as Miss Cyanide and Eden Apocalypse) enjoyed acting in this role. Playful and sadistic... I have to admit " that Mini Mister" (me, that is) never needed a stuntman so badly... Wink

Finally, she forces him to eat one of her black magic chocolates. This magic chocolate, once eaten has the power of making your ultimate fantasy come true… But this witch is so cruel that she intends to kill the poor guy at the precise moment that his fantasy comes true.

This time, it was my apnea endurance to be put to the test, with some prolonged pillow smothering scenes. A must see for breath play enthusiasts!..

What she didn't know is that Mini Mister's ultimate fantasy is to get shrunken to 2 inches tall… So he escapes her attempt to kill him in the bed he was tied to. A cat and mouse game follows as she tries to kill the tiny guy by chasing him and torturing him in several ways: She captures him under an empty glass.

She enjoys his desperate struggles and takes her time to announce his cruel fate, as he runs out of air inside the small glass

She decides to start by butt smothering him. He struggles in between her cheeks and her labia, providing her exceptional amounts of pleasure. He manages to escape only to be trapped inside her high heel clog. She puts on her clog, squeezing him inside it and catwalking back and forth her room's floor.

She takes good advantage of the foot massage provided by his feisty convulsions, as he contorts himself in agony, squeezed and smothered inside her clog.

He still survives… So she takes off her shoe and tortutres him a bit under her bare foot sole, on the karpet. Barely alive he is then played with, inside her mouth, almost drowning in her saliva.

She sucks on him back and forth, sliding him through her lips and teeth... And smothering him inside her mouth with her tongue.

When Mini Mister thought he couldn't take it anymore, he still is forced to endure a suffocating breast squeeze, trapped inside CorpseKitten's cleavage. This time she shows no clemence and... Prolongs the pressure until Mini Mister draws his terminal breath.

Finally, she must dispose of his tiny corpse so, she takes him to her bath room and flushes him down the toilet. What a degrading way to go...

3: THE BLIND DATE: Featuring Vicky.

Mini Mister is going to meet a girl, on a blind date arranged by an agency… He goes to her nice small flat and finds out she is a very attractive woman. What he doesn't know is that she is in fact a woman with special psychic powers and has learnt to manipulate matter at quantum levels. She has a kink for shrinking people and use them for sadistic amusements. Mini Mister tries to play the seducer, but it is him who gets easily seduced.

Here we have yet another magnificent performance by Vicky, the legendary model from Mini Mister Ep.1 and Ep.3... Sexier than ever!

She tells him to take his clothes off because she secretly plans to eat him… and that makes everything a lot simpler. Naturally, Mini Mister believes she is simply interested in having sex with him so he promptly starts undressing.

This is a very interesting part, as Vicky interprets fabulously the mind manipulation games her character is playing with Mini Mister.

Just when Mini Mister was about to take off his panties, she orders him to stop. Deep inside she's just thinking that he is edible enough in his underware but, he thinks she's actually being shy...

She then throughs a shrinking psychic blast at him and he becomes about 2 inches tall...

After some agonizing twitching and squirming, he starts to shrink...

After shrinking him, she chases him around the floor. There is some interesting hand interaction and some suspense as he tries to run away from her in absolute terror and surprise.

She then holds him in the palm of her hand, enjoying his desperation for a while... Before she traps him in her cleavage for a suffocating squeeze.

She thoroughly enjoys his frantic struggles and takes her time smothering him between her breasts untill he almost passes out. Vicky is very erotic in the way she plays this sadistic character.

Just before he passes out she releases him from her cleavage and dangles him from a huge height.. In terror, Mini Mister faces the threat of a lethal fall to the bedroom floor.

She then undresses her pants, disclosing her most fatal weapon of torture: Her humongous round butt!..

Droping him on her soft bed, she cruelly allows him to try to escape, knowing there is no way he could jump out of her bed without breaking most bones in his body. He runs, crawls and cries for help in horror and dispair.

Vicky then sits on the bed, forcing the poor tiny guy to roll down her legs as if on a human roller coaster.

She then throws him to the floor again and crunches some of his tiny bodyparts (feet, hands…) with her high heel sandals. After that, she gives him a taste of being smothered under her bare feet. Lots of foot play closeups on this episode!..

Vicky may be known for her perfect butt... BUT, she also has some of the sexiest feet I've ever seen!

Ok, did I say her feet were sexy? Well... What can I say about her mouth?... I guess Vicky is a sex bomb with each body part being sexier than the other!

Finally, Mini Mister gets played with inside her mouth. She starts by forcing him inside and then pulls him in and out through her luscious spongy lips. Holding his foot, she prevents him from escaping out or falling too deep inside her throat.

With some soft biting she slowly crunches his ribcage, making his breathing increasingly difficult and painful...

Effortlessly, Vicky then shoves his head inside her mouth through her luscious lips, using her finger tip. Slowly he suffocates in there.

His tiny arms squirming outside, between her full sexy lips... Clearly show his suffering. slowly the struggles get weaker and weaker... Until they finally stop.

Finally, to make sure he is really dead, she delivers a final killer bite. We see some blood dripping out the corner of her mouth and the poor guy is then mercilessly gulped down.

4: THE BODYGUARD: Featuring Ruby.

Mini Mister is an excenctric millionaire who is looking for a Bodyguard. A guy from the special forces is arriving at Mini Mister's door to apply for the job when he is intercepted by a sinister sexy woman. She says she's lost and asks him to read the address directions she has in a piece of paper.

This episode had the guest appearance of a second male model so, more than one shrunken guy gets killed in this episode.

Inadvertedly, he pronounces some magic words that were written in the paper and gets shrunken. She lifts her foot and violently crushes him under her clog, with a quick and implacable stomp.

She can now ring Mini Mister's bell and take this poor guy's place, pretending to be her applying for that bodyguard job, so she gets upclose and personal with her next shrinking victim: Mini Mister.

Once inside, she presents her self for the job. Mini Mister explains her she cannot take the job because she's a woman and she's too weak and unsuitable for a bodyguard. She wants the job because her plan is to win his confidence in order to steal his fortune… But she says she actually wants the job because she loves him and wants to be near him... But he doesn't buy it and tells her to go away.

However Mini Mister underestimated her... She is in fact, powerful beyond his understanding.

Determined to get what she came for, she throws him against the wall with inhuman strength, making him momentarily black out. While he's still stunned on the floor, she strikes him with a shrinking bolt. If she can't have the job (and his fortune), no one will…

Mini Mister suddenly finds himself shrunken down to 2 inches tall... Amidst his clothes, before her giant lethal clogs.

She lifts him in the palm of her hand and clenches her fist around him. Being a no-nonsense femme fatale, she decides to get rid of him quickly, squeezing her fist.

However, as she witnesses his agonizing wriggling, she actually starts to enjoy his dying process, prolonging it a little bit more.

Ruby then gives him a goodby kiss while he slowly suffocates. Refusing to die, he pushes her lips and nose away...

She actually enjoys his audacious resistance and decides to take advantage of that to further prlong his demise. With each fist squeeze, his squirming intensifies... And so does her sadistic fun.

Mini Mister keeps resisting, so she decides to try and smother him between her crossed powerful thighs. As Mini Mister is about to die, she decides to spare him, only to prolong his torment…

She then proceeds to smother her under her butt. He tries to scream for help, hoping some one will hear him in the neighborhood... But each time he tries, she bounces her ass, squeezing the air out of his lungs.

Since Mini Mister doesn't seem to die that way either, she drops him inside her mouth and tries to drown him in her saliva. But first she teases him a bit by dangling his poor soul over her open mouth...

As she lowers him inside her mouth, he feels her hot steaming breath engulfing his tiny body... And he struggles in vain not to enter her mouth.

Still... He resists drowning in her mouth. Realizing that Mini Mister is a really tough shrunken guy, she decides there is only one death he can't survive... Which also happens to be the most painful way to go!

Dangling him by his tiny arm, she uses her lighter to burn the poor guy. He screams and squeals... He squirms and wriggles... But finally he dies.

Ruby drops Mini Mister's tiny carbonized corpse on top of his clothes, on the floor... And she leaves his bedroom.

His huge luxurious mansion is now for her to enjoy... As well as his fortune. It won't be too hard for such a powerful witch, to fake a will... Wink

5: THE MODEL: Featuring Barbie.

This video features the stunning Barbie. I wouldn't hesitate to rate her one of the best models to ever feature a Giantess Fatale video. Too bad she did only one Giantess Video so far. Sad

The plot for this episode is somewhat similar to "The Photographer"... But Barbie's sensual yet twisted acting makes it a completely different flick, not to mention there are several other script differences, including the tiny guy's tortures and deaths.

Mini Mister is once again a photographer with a tendency for pornographer and starts a photo shoot with a new model who wants to make a book with him.

At some point he tries to convince her into getting naked.She refuses and they have an argument. When he tries to force her, she fights him. She slaps him in his face picks up a seringe with a shrinking serum from her purse. In a way, she had it coming, since this was not her first photo shoot with a stupid photographer.

She stabs the seringe directly in his jugular vein...

Mini Mister falls to the floor in agony and the Model quickly overpowers him. The prey suddenly becomes the predator in a twist of fate that only Barbie could act this convincingly...

The poor guy tries to struggle but he was totally caught by surprise by this twisted aggressive woman. She immobilizes him and proceeds to inject the serum in his neck, holding his head in place by his hair.

In afflictive convusions, Mini Mister gets shrunken... She wakes him up by pouring a glass of water on him. She then proceeds to torture him in many ways. The hand and mouth plays prove almost lethal.

She sensually sucks him in and out of her mouth through her sexy full lips, savouring him with sadistic pleasure... As he almost drowns in her saliva.

Finally, Mini Mister tries to run away at the floor level but, she always blocks his passage with her huge high heel clogs...

She kicks him around mercilessly, breaking his bones one by one. When he is no longer able to move... She goes for the kill and squishes him under her stilettos and clogs. His body gets completely smeared against the floor...

6: THE BURGLAR: Featuring Syllua.

The Plot for "The Burglar" is somewhat unusual in the sense that no killing will be actually seen... Only implied, at the end of the movie, as per custom request. But here is the Synopsis:

Mini Mister is a Burglar who uses the trick of shrinking himself to pass through air vents into people's homes, and then rob the values he finds inside.

In this case, things didn't go exactly as planned and Mini Mister torn his clother while passing through the vents so, he ended up in his usual "uniform": Black panties and socks.

He arrives at the bathroom of what seemed to him like a luxurious home. It's a bit dark since he likes to rob houses at dusk... But he can still see. He will now check the drawers in the furniture.

He spots a little sideboard in the entrance hall and decides to check it. Always full of gadgets and tools, he throws a rope to climb to the furniture.

Mini Mister has haowever to make several attempts until he manages to anchor the rope on top of the sideboard... But he finally succeeds and starts to climb it.

This time however he miscalculated his timings and the owner of the house (played by Syllua) enters home shortly after Mini Mister broke in.

It sure seemed like a quiet boring evening after work, for our sexy executive... But, as she will soon find out, this evening will be everything but boring. It will actually be her most exciting and unforgetable night ever!..

As Syllua turns the lights on, she notices something very weird that wasn't there when she left... A tiny rope hanging from the sideboard?...

Apparently, in all his panic to hide himself, Mini Mister forgot to hide the rope after he descended from the furniture. Syllua follows the little rope down with her eyes trying to figure out what that thing is doing there.

She notices the tiny rope ends up under the sideboard... So she decides to check under the furniture, to find out where it's leading...

Nothing could prepare syllua for what she was about to witness...

What she sees, is the stuff of tales and legends... A tiny human being running away in his underware!... She just can't believe her eyes!...

Realizing he's been discovered, he starts to run away... He looks back and sees her gigantic beautiful face... with those huge green eyes and beautiful red lips.

Running like crazy, he flees into her living room. Feeling like a prey inside the Lion's denthe finds himself in a totally unknown environment.

He desperately looks for a place to hide, while in the back, Syllua is still paralised by total surprise and awe... She covers her mouth to hold a scream of astonishment.

After the initial surprise, Syllua is totally overwhelmed by a predatory instinct... And a frantic cat and mouse game begins!

The criminal now becomes the victim in this unexpected reversal of roles. She chases him all around the room, finally trapping him under a small table.

With excitment and satisfaction, she finally grabs a hold of her new toy. It's been a long time since Syllua has played with dolls but, this is something different! This one is alive and was trying to rob her place and her goods, that she works so hard to pay for!... Hmmm... Revenge seems promising and amusing!

Seized between her fingers he screams for mercy and squirms in terror!

She places him on top of the shallow table and seats on the couch in front. Teasing him, she starts pulling her short skirt up allowing him to glance at the irresistibly sexy view of her panties. Aroused yet terrified at the same time, Mini Mister is confused and doesn't know what to do.

He screams and begs her not to hurt him but she really couldn't care less about it...

Pulling her skirt up, she finally decides to attach him to her stocking suspender…

Terrified but, at the same time terribly aroused by his view, he struggles to release himself but, still a part of him is curious about what she's going to do.

She leaves him hanging there in sheer terror as he glances down at the floor, knowing that falling would certainly kill him. Syllua catwalks the living room with him hanging from her suspender as if he was a prop or decoration of her outfit.

Mini Mister finds himself caught in what we could call "unwilling" suspension AND desbelief!..

She finally decides to turn her stereo on, while Mini Mister wonders what she might have in store for him now...

He cursed the moment he decided to break inside that house. The shrinking effect will still last several hours... and he's starting to doubt he will survive that long.

The music starts echoing in her living room and starts dancing sensually as he hangs loose, risking a fatal fall at any time.

As her hips swing in a sexy motion, she feels her live ornament boucing up and down, carressing her thighs. At least he's thankful she didn't hang him by the neck...

Mini Mister shrieks in terror begging her to stop… But she's having too much of a good time swinging her hips in a sensual yet deadly dance.

He feels exhausted and like his spine is about to break in half... Yet she's having way too much fun, dancing all night long with her new toy, to care about how he feels.

Finally she turns off her stereo and pulling her skirt down she climbs upstairs to her room

We can hear Mini Mister insane screams of horror and despair coming from under her skirt, as she nonchalantly ignores him like a lifeless object. To her, he's already dead...

Finally, once inside her bedroom, hse closes the door behind her, keeping us the viewers from witnessing the fate of our tiny anti-hero...

We can however infer from his insane screaming that nobody would enjoy being at his place... Or would you?... Wink

7: QUANTUM: Featuring Giantess Deeane.

"Quantum" is perhaps the best movie I've done so far, this time featuring and co-writing it with Giantess Deeane. Unique cinematography with great story, acting and outstanding 2K resolution.

Mini Mister is Dr. Mini... A Quality Control representative from the inteligence department of the same Lab where Dr. Deeane works. She is doing ground breaking research on molecular contraction and has found out how to shrink objects and people... But she wants to hide the experiments results for her personal agenda.

Dr. Mini keeps trying to extract information and reports. He wants to know how the research is developing and why Dr. Deeane is taking so long to file those reports.

He keeps putting her under pressure but, Dr. Deeane keeps cleverly side stepping his arguments by sarcastically dismissing Dr. Mini's threatening tone. Dr. Mini is getting increasingly suspicious as there has been rumours about experiments on human beings...

Dr. Deeane plays along and reminds him of another Intelligence representative named "Bruce" who vanished at some point when he was finding out sensitive information about her experiments..

She acts as seductive as menacing. But Dr. Mini isn't there to play games and starts to give her deadlines for reports to be filed.

However, when Dr. Mini corners Dr. Deeane with his ultimatums... She takes a menacing stance and asks him if he really wants to know how the Quantum Molecular Contraction works...

She stretches her hand out to him and somehow Dr. Mini understands she's been hiding something far too powerful. He realizes she's acting too dominantly in this situation and he feels something not so good is about to happen.

Dr. Deeane's hand starts to glow and he understands that her research may have advanced way beyond its original purposes.

Apparently, Dr. Deeane managed to combine her knowledge of Quantum Physics with the latest developments in Bio-Technology and Genetics. She managed to turn herself into THE living Quantum molecular contractor.

An energy bolt is fired from her hand... Dr. Mini is caught off guard and is instantly paralised, as the energy bolt starts making effect. He squirms and screams in agony as the energy shrinks his body at a molecular level.

Dr. Deeane smiles sadistically as she witness his helplesness throughout the shrinking process.

With a victorious look in her eyes she enjoys every second of the shrinking process...

Inch by inch, Dr. Mini becomes smaller and smaller. At first his clothes start to shrink with him but Dr. Deeane has refined the bolt to affect mainly living cells so, after a while only his body keeps shrinking.

Once the shrinking process is complete, Dr. Mini finds himself at floor level yelling for help in utter dispair and terror.

He doesn't notice that Dr. Deeane calmly approaches him from behind with very cruel intents on her mind. The quantum research is hers and hers alone... And she will never let anyone get in the way and live to tell...

Holding a small chain in her hands, she lowers herself and ties Dr. Mini up with it. We witness these last moments of freedom, from Dr. Mini's perspective.

With a shriek of horror, Dr. Mini realizes his last crude hours have started to count down. What plans will Dr. Deeane have in her twisted mind?

Dr. Deeane keeps him chained close to her while she talks on the phone, justifying his own disappearing.

Finally she unchains him just for the weaked pleasure of letting him believe he has a chance of escaping... So that she can cruelly destroy his hopes afterwards, by catching him back with her feet!

She plays with him for a while, pretending to let him escape from her killer feet. She also pretends to miss him while trying to step on him...

Finally she starts to mangle his body by dismembering him, limb from limb... She takes her time to make him suffer. He looses and recovers his senses many times, untill he finally succumbs to her sadistic torture.

We also see from his point of view, the pleasure that Dr. Deeane is having, as she smiles at his afflictive pleading and screaming…

Blood spills and splats all over the floor and she uses her toes to massacre the poor tiny guy. There is nothing he can do but suffer for her entertainment.

After she finally reaches some more vital organs, Dr. Mini no longer moves or reacts to her torment.

He is now the mere sad remains of a presumptuous control agent from the Lab Corporation. A symbol of her victory over the people who never believed in her superior genius. They will allhave the same fate one day...

Suddenly when we thought the gruesome ordeal was over... Dr. Deeane lowers herself on her knees, looking at he next victim like a predator.

It's Bruce!.. The poor guy who had vanished during the last investigations on her experiments. The poor guy has also been shrunken and has been tied to her office chair the whole time.

She reaches out for Bruce, clearly enjoying his fear and despair..

We witness from his point of view, as her giant hand descends upon him like the claws of death itself...

Just like she did with Dr. Mini, she wants to feel this guy suffer in her own body. A kind of sadistic pleasure that only such a cruel genius could understand.

Dr. Deeane exhausts the poor guy as he struggles in vain to get free. The soft pressure of her cleavage is slowly suffocating him. She will enjoy this game until Bruce is limp as a sausage.

When the unfortunate guy gets too weak to keep struggling, Dr. Deeane decides it's time to savor the taste of agony.

As she approaches the squirming poor Bruce closer to her mouth, his screams fo horror echoe in her giant throat. Death is coming and he knows it won't be quick.

She drops him in her mouth. Bone by bone she crunches his tiny body, feasting on his fles and blood...

We can see his tiny arms still flailing and scratching through her luscious lips, trying desperately to grab a hold on his life... But Bruce eventually succumbs to her oral torture too... And this way she got rid of the last too people that could prevent her from finishing her research. The world will now hear about her, for the right reasons...


hi do you have a date for the releases of the above videos (QUANTUM, THE BLIND DATE & THE PHOTOGRAPHER)

thank you

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Sorry for the late reply. It's rare for people to comment on the Blog so I totally missed this post of yours. The Photographer is the only one that has already a predicted date: April or May 2017. The Blind should be still this year and Quantum... TBA.



Hello ad how i want see movie Quantum how i can buy? 

Hi Thanatos,

Hope you're fine, and all the best for you.
Do you still working on those films ?

If it is the case, when will they be released ?

Thanks a lot for your answer 



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Hi Loc and Alainmi,

Thank you for your message and I'm sorry for the late reply but I don't seem to be getting notifications of comments in my blog posts. Yes, this film will still be done. Years have passed and I never got to finish them because of my main profession (mainstream film Director and DoP). Given the quarantine problems I am now forced to stay more at home and predictably there will be much less projects in mainstream film in the months to come. I really want to take advantage of that to finish these films and Quantum is quite prioritary, for being perhaps my favorite.


Dear Thanatos I am constantly waiting for your upcoming movies please launch them as soon as possible

Thank you

Dear Thanatos I am constantly waiting for your upcoming movies please launch them as soon as possible

Thank you

Dear Thanatos I am constantly waiting for your upcoming movies please launch them as soon as possible

Thank you

Dear Thanatos I am constantly waiting for your upcoming movies please launch them as soon as possible

Thank you

Dear Thanatos I am constantly waiting for your upcoming movies please launch them as soon as possible

Thank you

Dear Thanatos I am constantly waiting for your upcoming movies please launch them as soon as possible

Thank you

When will these be out on vodeo

R brown