Welcome to the new Blog!..

Hey GF Friends!.. :)

This is the new version of the Blog for the Giantess Fatale website. Many of the old blog posts have been re-published here because they are either still relevant or they are memorable episodes in the Giantess Fatale website history.

I will try to post more regularly on this new Blog but, I will also try to keep it simple and meaningful. Too much information is never an effective form of communication so I'll try to post only what fans care to know. New releases, new content under production, new production means, new Models, new website areas and functionalities, etc...

Check out the new Forum and enjoy the Members Area while it's still free. :)




Hello, Thanatos! I like the idea of your work. At this point, I had to buy a few of your video clips. For 2 months issued a private membership for the greater acquaintance with your creations. I have nothing stated by you does not play! Why? Is there a continuation of your work on mini Mr. 3,4,5.. Thanks