An Adventurous Journey [2006]

This chronicle used to be posted at the old Blog, hosted by Giantess Dot Com, but I'm reposting it here now, as an "old story".

On August 8th 2006 (about 2 years ago) I travelled to the United Kingdom for a colaboration with Chilean Rose (GTS/Crush website) on the production of the Mini Mister video series. It all began with some emails exchange with Rose (Chilean Rose founder), and then I sarted collaging for her website and she started photographing her models for me to make collages for my website. Eventually these mutual colaborations developed into an idea of having Chilean Rose models featuring in Giantess Fatale Video Productions.

This is the story of that journey to the U.K. and the adventure behind that colaboration.

Two days before, on August 6th, I got up very early in the morning and caught the plane to London. There was a 4 hours transit stop in another city of my country before the actual flight to London, so I decided to take a sleep in a near by hostel, as I had had almost no sleep the night before.

Unexpectedly I was woken up in the middle of my sleep by a phone call. I received the sadest news in my whole life and the world crumbled down around me. I had to return to my home town and cancel the trip… An undescribable sense of tragedy and inconsolation flooded my soul, and for a timeless moment I was lost in the sour emptiness of loss.

Two days later I was back in the airport to catch the plane to London again. I still had the hotels reserved in the U.K. and everything setup for the shootings… And after all, there was nothing else I could do back in my home town. Behind me I left the battlefield remains of a family's lost war against disease… In front of me, the "lifeboat" that would keep me from drowning in certain depression. Some hours later I took that "lifeboat"and rowed to England.

During all this coming and going, most of my precious luggage was lost by the Flying Companies. Although this was not the least surprising, it was particulary serious, because it included most of my filming equipment. This could have rendered all the trip useless, but after a titanic struggle against true bastions of bureaucracy and incompetence, I finally managed to recover most of my lost luggage. Some of it however I would take months to recover…

As I arrived in London, I took a series of taxis and trains with 50kg of video equipment on my back. By the time I arrived in Leicester I was drained and exhausted, so I checked in, I took a shower and got ready for my first face-to-face meeting with the Chilean Rose "Staff". It was a very pleasent and comforting experience, specially after all that I had been through lately, and we discussed all the details concerning the production. After that, I finally went back to the hotel for my deserved "warrior rest"…

The next couple of days would be planning days. No shooting, no contact with the Chilean Rose crew… Just doing the final touches in scripts and storyboards, checking up the equipment and getting acquainted with Leicester and it's people.

Those were precious days for recovering my energies and relaxing… Or so it would have been if it wasn't for those news of the uncovering of a new terrorist attack that was aledgedly being planed and setup around Bermingham. I knew I had it coming once I wanted to return to my country, but I decided it was a wise policy not to give it that much thought at that point, so I kept anticipating and preparing everything for the shooting days.

In the next days I was supposed to shoot for three different Episodes of "The Adventures of Mini Mister": Episodes 2, 4 and 6. Three episodes, three models, three locations. So, I started fine tunning the three scripts.

Finally, I moved to the hotel where the shootings for 2 of the 3 episodes would take place: The Regency Hotel. With a glamorous Victorian look, the Regency looked like the perfect spot for yet another adventure of Mini Mister where he faces a ruthless sorceress about to shrink and torture him.

As I got there I learned that they already used the hotel for theatrical activities, and quite often they organized a party called "Murder, She Caused", where guests would come dressed in Agatha Christie's book's style, and participated on a contest/play where a murder mystery had to be uncovered. "Murder she caused"? – I though – This hotel really has the perfect atmosphere for a Giantess Fatale sort of movie.

Episode 6: So I started setting everything up for shooting with Ruby, the first Chilean Rose model to work in the Mini Mister series. She arrived with her boyfriend, who also participated in the episode, and we talked a bit about the script. After that we started shooting, and she really proved to be quite talented and her role of a ruthless Giantess seemed to have been taylored for her. Her episode is the story of an evil sorceress who intercepts and kills a man who is coming to Mini Mister's place applying for a job as a bodyguard. She then takes his place and convinces Mini Mister that it is her who is applying for that job. At some point they get into an argument about that issue, and she finally reveals who she really is, by shrinking him.

After that she abuses, tortures and kills Mini Mister using her wicked imagination to make it all as enjoyable as possible for her. The handheld scene is particulary interesting because the expression in Ruby's face leads you to really believe that she is actually living out this fantasy, making her acting incredibly convincing. Finally Mini Mister gets burned alive by her lighter.

We finally went down for dinner after this first day's shooting and had a pleasent meal all together.

Episode 4: Next day I met CorpseKitten(formerly known as Miss Cyanide and Eden Apocalypse), a Fetish Model who looks as kinky as lethal, and proved out to be an excelent actress. What I really liked about her acting was that she really seemed to enjoy her role and acting throughout the whole movie, as if this Evil GTS Fantasy was something she would like to live by in her real life. She actually confessed that this was the perfect job for her: Eating chocolate, shrinking and torturing people… Her "dream" of an ideal lifestyle.

In this episode, CorpseKitten phones Mini Mister saying she is from the phone company and that they are running some tests. She asks him to write down a long word she is spelling out to him and she then asks him read it. He falls for the trap, as that is the magic word for teleporting him to her place. He is now her prey, at her (lack of) mercy. She ties him to her bed and tortures him by smothering him with her bare hands. She then explains she has a box of magic chocolates… Each one has a magic spell that causes horrible deaths, but she forces him to eat one that causes people to shrink. She then uses and abuses him in a variety of ways, till she finally flushes him down the toilet.

CorpseKitten has been encredibly enthusiastic about all these series production and has been a pleasure to work with. After the shooting, I went out looking for a restaurant and ended up in an Indian Food one. It's incredible how "hard" it is to find one of those in England these days…

Episode 2: Next day I left the Regency Hotel and went to a private home to shoot for the last of the 3 episodes I'd be shooting in the U.K… Leicester has a certain industrial atmosphere in some neighbourhoods, so it was perfect for a "punk tries to break in, on a gray English afternoon" sort of plot. In this episode Mini Mister is some sort of punkish outsider who tries to to break inside some house, for his daily five o'clock burglary. Inside he will meet a sorceress with a magic pill, who know exactly what to do with burglars like him. He gets shrunken and tortured in a great variety of ways: He gets electrocuted, burned in hot wax, buried alive and finally liquified on a kitchen blender to be part of her five o'clock snack.

The Giantess here is Lucifiction, a Chilean Rose model with an acting degree. She has a very serene and self confident way of working, so it was very pleasent experience to have her in this project. She also participated in the video interview I made with Rose, about Chilean Rose website. She makes the cruelty of her character look very natural and spontaneous… As she nonchalantly torments poor Mini Mister to death. My special thanks also go out to "M"(her boyfriend), for participating in this episode.

Interview: After shooting the 4th Episode of Mini Mister, we went for a video interview about Chilean Rose, Rose, her models and the GTS Community in general, as well as some related fetishes.

Kindly enough, Rose invited me to join all her friends at her birthday dinner in a near by restaurant and that was how we ended up yet another day of my pleasent stay in Leicester. The next morning I mounted my 50kg of video equipment on my back and left to Heathrow airport, by train and taxi. Hours to check in, hours to passport control and hours of flight delay was the predictable consequence of the recent terrorist threats. Not to mention I could not even take my laptop as hand luggage.

When I finally got home, I had one less camcorder (a small one fortunately), one less tripod (a small one fortunately) and one less passport (lost inside the plane and never found, strangely enough).

I think I will enjoy driving my car to Leicester next time. Too bad about the fact that english people drive on the left side and have the wheel on the right… Still I think it will be less chaotic than using flight companies these days.