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SIZE GAP is a Giantess Fatale video produced to be featured in a Channel 4 Documentary, to be aired in the UK next Monday July 11th. The Documentary talks about how people people live out their Fetishes and the role of Fetish content producers in that context. Giantess Fatale was chosen to represent the Giantess Fetish content Production in the Documentary. 

This video started as a 4 minutes custom video (as seen in the Documentary), but progressively developed into a 13 minutes short movie about the communication and perspective gap, between a Tiny Man and a Giant Woman.

PLOT: Syllua, is a female scientist who is secretly developing a shrinking serum and keeps some small sample bottles at home. While she was away her husband (Mini Mister), accidentaly found a small bottle and mistaking it for perfume, smelled it. The movie starts with Syllua returning home totally unaware of what has happened. Mini Mister constantly hesitates between calling her attention for help, and hiding from her in fear of being squished. Mini Mister is very confused and Syllua is very... Unaware. The movie is filmed from both character's perspectives. For Mini Mister, everything seems colossal and Syllua seems to move in slow motion with thundering steps. For Syllua Mini Mister is practically unperceptible... She almost crushes him several times accidentally and only notices him, in the last part of the movie... But this is not necessarily good news for Mini Mister. Will Syllua help him recover his normal size?... Or will she punsh him for having sneaked into her personal and secret stuff? Is it too late for Mini Mister?.. Does he know too much?... What will happen?

This movie is 2K resolution and has outstanding cinematic quality! The included subjects are: Unaware, POV, Foot Worship, Dangling Shoes, Barefoot in Hose, Hand Held, Dangling, Fist Trapping and Squeezing, Vore (just a threat), Slow Motion and Thundering Steps.

The video is for sale only in the Giantess Fatale Store, for now... But next week it will also be uploaded to my Media Impact store and my Clips4Sale store.

Store Download: (it's the first product in the list)

Size Gap Poster

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10 New Stories from the author "Aborigen". [Members]

There are 10 new Stories in the Members Area>Stories for the author Aborigen.

Incredibly well written and descriptive, these stories are also rich in multi-cultural knowledge elements.

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An Adventurous Journey [2006]

This chronicle used to be posted at the old Blog, hosted by Giantess Dot Com, but I'm reposting it here now, as an "old story".

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